Top 5 Hidden Gems of NSW

When we googled “top 5 day destinations in NSW” we were of course shown the generic opera house, harbour bridge, bondi beach, blah blah blah…

While these attractions are great, most people who have lived here long enough have seen these places time and time again. We want something new!

Lucky for us – we’ve travelled to every corner of NSW and find new places everyday! Oh boy, have we seen some incredible hidden gems of NSW!

Here’s our top five absolute favourites MUST SEE spots:

1. Wedding Cake Rock, Bundeena

Oh my, when you get there – you’ll understand why this spot is at the top of our list.

IMG_8858Photo: @ejcohen28

Wedding Cake Rock is simply breathtaking, just by walking there you’re greeted with vast ocean views as you walk along Bundeena’s coastal cliffs.

Once you reach Wedding Cake Rock, it’s hard to miss! The pure white rock emerges amongst the stronger sandstone of the seaside cliffs. It really does resemble a large slice of heavenly wedding cake.

IMG_8856Photo: @amila325

Take a walk along the sweeping ocean views of Bundeena, with plenty of opportunities for the perfect IG shot.

HOT TIP: Go at sunset & prepare to be swept off your feet by the view!

2. Dharawal National Park, South Sydney

Dense in native vegetation, this is a prime spot for a swim in the rainforest.

IMG_8860Photo: @marcarthurnsw

Take a bush walk to this stunning spot, and you’ll find yourself in awe at nature as you swim by the waterfall in the pristine waters of Minerva pool.

IMG_8861Photo: @lomlomly

HOT TIP: This track is an approximate 6.5km circuit, allow a day to get there and back!

3. Mini Haha Falls, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

IMG_8862Photo: @demi.morris
OK we know we’ve said this about every place so far, but you HAVE to see this place!
This place’s popularity has rapidly grown with the last 2 years, it’s not hard to spot why!

The area is tucked away down in the bush, where you’ll find a swimming hole by the waterfall. With the walk being suitable for all ages and experience, this really is a must see within NSW.


HOT TIP: If you plan on swimming, go on a hot day! Katoomba is freeeeezing!

4. Box Head Beach, Central Coast

IMG_8855Photo: Thuc Do @thuc.creative
Central coast is definitely hiding some of NSW’s best beaches.
Often being described as a “deserted paradise”, this beach features picturesque coastal views and is surprisingly quiet.

Getting there is easy – with parking at the end of Hawke Head Drive, it’s just a 3.1km return walk accompanied with panoramic views you get of Broken Bay!

IMG_8866Photo: @aaronleslie

Our favourite spot of Box Head is undoubtedly Tallow Beach. Nestled by the ocean and stunning vegetation of the area, this beach almost too good to be true for photographers & swimmers.

HOT TIP: Wake up in paradise. Stay overnight at Tallow Beach Campground* for a whole weekend of adventure.

5. Valley of the Waters Track, Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains
Stuck for ideas of what to do in the cold? This walk is perfect for any season. With swimming for summer walkers & panoramic views of the Blue Mountains for winter walkers, you can’t go wrong.

IMG_8867Photo: @davidromaphotography

Venture into the canyons of the valley and find yourself immersed in the beauty of scenic views. Along the way you’ll find numerous water holes and water falls, hence the name “Valley of the Waters”.

IMG_8868Photo: @elliewoodrow_

The walk is 1.5km return, but keep in mind it is hugely steep and often challenging. Allow at least 2-3 hours for this walk!

Get outdoors! If you visit any of these places, be sure to let us know – we’d love to see!


Nomadic Belle

Luxury Glamping Australia

Nomadic Belle x

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