The BEST thing you’ll see all day!

Hannah & James Elopement
At Nomadic Belle, we LIVE for elopements and small intimate weddings.
It’s no secret that huge traditional weddings are fast becoming less and less popular, and we’re over the moon about it!
While wedding planning can be super exciting, there’s no doubt that it can be just as stressful and not to mention expensive.
At the end of last year, a beautiful couple approached us to be apart of their beautiful intimate elopement and we are SO glad they did.
Because they weren’t having to focus on things like food for 100 people, 52 different allergies, music everyone would like, who would sit where and so on…. they actually had the time and money to NAIL their elopement ceremony and everything about their day, so that’s exactly what they did.
Their elopement was put together beautifully by the amazing team at Anteloping. As their immediate family started to arrive, Tanya from Chic Artistry finalised Hannah’s breathtaking look as Joel from Barefoot & Bearded captured every precious moment.
Joel (being the wild creative he is) organised a “first look”, and Jaime was surprised with his soon to be wife.
Soon after the ceremony and after a few happy tears were shed, Ash from Film and Foliage and Cooper from The Wilderness Chef put together the most banquet for everyone to enjoy.
After a night filled with love and laughter, Hannah & James moved on to their dreamy Honeymoon Suite deep into the forest of Watagens, surrounded by tall forest trees and twinkling fairy lights. What a way to kick off a marriage!
It was truly magical. Congratulations Hannah & James on our favourite elopement of 2017!


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