In The Spotlight: Annie’s Bucket List

Meet Annie!


Queen of luxury traveling, picturesque insta’ shots and ticking things off her bucket list on-the-daily. Annie is the Co-Founder of Where to Fly Next – an incredibly inspiring travel blog about her adventures all over the world with her fiance, Will (@willsbucketlist). It’s no surprise her Instagram (@anniesbucketlist) is also an online sensation, with a following of almost 50K. Today we dive deep into Annie’s life of travel & adventure; the good, the bad and the absolutely incredible.

Q: What was it that sparked your desire to travel and explore the world in the first place?

A: I’ve always worked in corporate jobs and I used to see travel as an “escape”. Over time, instead of ‘escaping’ to familiar countries and city scapes, I had the urge to discover the unknown.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored unfamiliar countries and cultures and it opened up my mind and put life into perspective for me. I realised that I’ll never look back on my life and wish I had spent more time in my office job …but I’ll always look back on my life and wish I had spent more time seeing what the world has to offer.

I’ve also always been a creative soul at heart so the beautiful landscapes and photo opportunites are just a bonus.

I realised that I’ll never look back on my life and wish I had spent more time in my office job …but I’ll always look back on my life and wish I had spent more time seeing what the world has to offer.

Q: Your Instagram & Travel Blog inspires and entertains many people online. How was it that your love for travel turned into the very foundation of your blog and Instagram?

A: My Instagram and blog started off as my creative outlet for fashion and beauty inspiration. As time went on and my interests changed, it evolved into travel but this only came to life when I met my travel partner and now fiancé, Will (@willsbucketlist).

Will and I share a love for traveling and photography, in fact, Will is a Wedding Photographer and Videographer so he has taught me so much and brings my visions to life. Together we make a great Insta-team!

Q: What would you say has been your favourite experience traveling, and why?

A: Last year, we traveled to Laos with Will’s family. I was standing at the bottom of Kuang Si Falls and Will suddenly proposed. This is by far, my favourite travel memory!


Q: Anyone who has traveled knows it can be hugely challenging at times. Have you faced any big challenges along the way?

A: Jet lag, stopovers at weird hours of the day when nothing is open and the fear of missing our flight are the most common challenges. They make for great stories though!

Q: Why do you believe traveling is important?

A: There’s a quote that sums it up quite well – “We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.”

Q: Which is the worst place you’ve traveled to and why?

A: We were in Thailand during Thai New Year (Songkran) and we didn’t realise that there would be a country-wide relentless water fight that would ensue during our entire stay there. This may sound fun in practice but during Songrkan, there is an average of 52 road deaths that happen per day (almost double of what it is on a regular day) and there is definitely no mercy for tourists. We’ve been to Thailand many times before and we love the country and people but during Songkran we found ourselves hidden away in our resort until it was safe to go outside.

Q: Where are you off to next?

A: Our next adventure is to Istanbul, Egypt, Morocco and Norway!



Let’s get to know her!

Q: If I could go anywhere in the world right now, I’d go to…

A: Africa for a Safari Experience!

Q: The best food I’ve had while travelling would have to be…

A:. All the food in Turkey! We woke up to amazing meze platters and grazed on borek, baklava, lokum and gozleme all day ..and the Turkish coffee is divine.

Q: I can’t leave the house without…

A: My phone

Q: If I wasn’t travelling I would be…

A: Binging Handmaids Tale on Netflix.

Q: My ultimate girl crush is…

A: Tara (@taramilktea) because…she’s beautiful inside and out and continually inspires me with her content.


You can follow Annie’s adventures on her Instagram or Blog!

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