She Who Explores: In The Spotlight

Meet Maddi!


If Nomadic Belle were to have a girl crush… yep, she’d be it.

Lover of any adventure big or small, Thai Food & surfing, Maddi is the founder of a rising Instagram sensation She Who Explores; where she shares her love for exploring new places (particularly in NSW) with her loyal 13.6K followers. Today we have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to Maddi, and stay tuned… she is TRULY inspiring & gave us serious wanderlust vibes.

Q: Your free-spirited lifestyle of exploring inspires many people to do the same – but how is it that you find the time to always be exploring?

A: “Adventure” means different things to lots of different people. I am one of those people who don’t believe to be an adventurer you must hike 25km. An adventure for me could be taking my dog for a walk along the beach, or going for a drive in the National Park in my study break. When you’ve got an eye for capturing the moment, people don’t need to know how little or big the moment was – if it was an adventure to you, then that’s all that matters.

I am grateful to have had a career that took me to a different country everyday, so I definitely have seen a lot of the world. I also have an amazing partner who takes me on lots of other kinds of adventures that I wouldn’t normally do, like fishing and 4wd, so I guess I’m lucky enough to have opportunities that allow me to cover all types of adventures. And lastly, I make the most of my time off!! 2 hours or 2 days ill find somewhere to explore.

An adventure for me could be taking my dog for a walk along the beach, or going for a drive in the National Park in my study break. When you’ve got an eye for capturing the moment, people don’t need to know how little or big the moment was – if it was an adventure to you, then that’s all that matters.


Q: What has been your most memorable experience traveling?

A: Oooh this is a hard one! Ive made so many amazing memories traveling the world, meeting new people and seeing so many amazing wonders. I spent time in Alaska about 4 years ago, and I can still remember the first day I spent there and being in complete awe of the surroundings, its just beautiful! But I think the most memorable would have to be my trip to Greece last year. I studied Ancient Greece for my HSC in 2012 and finally got to get over to see the islands in June 2017. All those facts and knowledge about the place just made the adventure that much more interesting and special.

Q: Anyone who has traveled knows it can be hugely challenging. Have you faced any big challenges along the way?

A: I don’t come from a family of well traveled people, nor did my family and I travel together when I was younger. So I did a lot of my traveling on my own and through one of my lines of work. So that itself was a bit of a challenge for me – going solo from the beginning with not much knowledge of places, hotels, bookings and visas. I’ve had a fair few scary moments with missed flights, and incorrect bookings but Travel broadens the mind and you definitely find out a lot about yourself and what your capable of from adventuring alone.


 Q: How important do you believe traveling is?

A:Good question, I feel so passionately about travel as it has really shaped the person I am today! Like I mentioned, travel broadens the mind, and opens your personality up to see things in different perspectives. I wouldn’t be the strong, courageous and open-minded individual I am without having seen the world. Having witnessed the way others do life is so special, and in some instances can makes you very grateful for where you come from. Travel educates you, and shows all the different ways life can be done, and that one certain way isn’t necessarily the right way. I think having experienced this – I’ve been able to get some perspective on my own problems, and this also humbled me. When I’m feeling like I’ve had a bad day, or have an issue/ problem – I’ve seen people a lot worse off than myself, is my problem really that big?

My motto is Hakuna Matata, and it came from my trip to Asia – seeing the slums of some third world countries. It was all so confronting and made me realise that my worries were no worries at all.

Q: Your Instagram inspires and entertains many people online. How was it that your love for travel turned into the very foundation of your Instagram?

A: There are so many reasons for my Instagram, I’ll start at the beginning!
I worked away from home, traveling solo for about 5 years and Instagram was my way to keep my friends and family posted on my travels. When I started Instagram I wasn’t as much into nature adventures I am now. I can thank an ex boyfriend for that (the only good thing that came from that relationship) I was going through a breakup when I started going for walks in nature. It was my way of recharging, focusing on myself and also being distracted by such beauty kept me from thinking about my situation. (I think a lot of people can relate). I posted photos in nature where other adventures got in contact with me and opened me up to so much that my home had to offer. I began She Who Explores (SWE) a year ago, after much procrastination. I didn’t realise how much feedback I’d get from the community, and my page surprisingly grew in followers. I take my edits and photo capturing a bit more serious now as I know people appreciate it and I love to capture places perfectly! (or me in places perfectly, I should say). With my international travel and extensive NSW adventures I guess I have a lot of info to offer, and SWE is my platform to extend that info to the public. For many years I’ve been journaling all the places I’ve visited, in hopes that one day I’ll write a book, or travel guide (hopefully).

Q: What has been the worst place you’ve traveled to and why?

A: There has been a few average places I’ve visited on my travels but there is a type of place in particular that I always find myself feeling so stressed and enclosed in. Cities – Its so hard for me to find beauty in concrete jungles. I love when you’re out in nature and its just you, or just you and your friends, not you and a city of people. Nothing beats the natural world! I visited Sydney Harbour recently, and although I have such appreciation for the capital of NSW and its creative architecture, I couldn’t help but feel out of place. I really am not a city girl and never have been, so I guess this will always be a downer of a place for me to visit.



Just for some fun…

Q: If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to…

A: Right now? Bora Bora, need to escape this south coast cold!

Q: The best food I’ve had while traveling would have to be…

A: Thai Food in, you guessed it…Thailand!

Q: When I’m not exploring new places I’m…

A: Working one of my 4 jobs! Or spending time with my partner, and probably drinking wine with my girlfriends.

Q: My favourite hobby is…

A: surfing / dancing – cant decide!

Q: My favourite other traveller on Instagram is … because …

A: Oooohhh there are so many! I’m really loving Heather Goodman @hbgoodie. I’m heading to Hawaii in the next few days and shes been a really good account to search for ideas on adventures.


Do yourself a favour and follow Maddi’s next adventure on her Instagram – @shewhoexplores.

Thank you Maddi! Happy Exploring!

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